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About BEAta Pflanz form New York 'Gallery & Studio' MagazineVol.17 No.1:
"Beata Pflanz is multifacted as an installation artist, poet, and painter. The world around her inspires her of techniques and subjects, creating an organic reality based upon memeory and the interior life. Some of her works are atmospheric with diffused color; other are semi-cubist where she shatters the picture plane as in 'On the Other Side of the Mirror II' where the smooth surface of a mirror is splitered into geometric shards. In the painting 'In Between', the maelstrom of forms is galvanized into a cohesive whole by the boldly painted arrow in the piece. Her ambitious house exterior 'I Live into My Own Painting' employs all her gifts of color and composition and when I look at it, I think of the body of work by the architect/painter Friedensreich Hundertwasser." Art Critic Anne Rudder (Spring 2015, page 12).


Beata Pflanz is a visual artist born in Poznan, 1961. She graduated from the Painting Faculty at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan (Poland). The innovative and dynamic artist currently LIVES INSIDE HER OWN PAINTING after transforming the walls - over 400m² (she create something new now, second time!) - of her own house into a single painting in 2009. Beata is an artist constantly on the lookout, always on the road, constantly experimenting and inquisitive of both the outside world and the world she harbours within. She explores the multiple fields of painting, drawing, installation and artistic book. She also writes poems and short stories and has received awards for her literature.
Crumbs - Palette

The remains of spilled sugar glittering in the light of the morning sun, the stain from yesterday's frozen meal on my napkin, the shadow of branches vibrating in the wind, burdock leaves filled with dew. And the aroma of hot coffee, the intense scent of growing lilacs in the May heat, the smell of charred onions rising from the platter.

Also, everything that is happening outside the window: the time of year, full of colour and form, with the hot and cold breath of the wind, noises from the street, or the silence the wilderness. The cacophony of human mass, trembling, lights, advertising, architecture.

The merry barking of dogs, the meowing of domestic cats..... The books I have read, the words I have heard, everything that is in front of my eyes, and when I close them, behind my eyelids. What I want to say, and what only I foresee, that which is hardly expressible in words, this is the palette from which I paint my pictures, it contains all the colours picked up from the world.

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