BEATA PFLANZ, visual artist (POLAND)

Beata Pflanz is a very gifted artist. She is really creative and versatile. Pflanz draws, paints, makes artistic books. She uses many techniques and some of them are her special authorial techniques.
Beata Pflanz is a kind of “total artist” – she creates all the space around her, design, write about art, makes happenings.
I work as a curator in the Municipal Gallery “Arsenal” in Poznań also write about art to art magazines and I am impressed by artistic personality of Beata Pflanz. I can recommend her as interesting, very creative artist and person.
With best regards,
Bogna Błażewicz
curator, art critic
Poznań 04.04. 2009.

Poznań dnia 21. 05. 2009 r. - Recommendation

Beata Pflanz is an active distinguished artist who occupies with visual arts in very wide meaning of this term.
She uses many kinds of art and techniques in her creativity.
She draws, paints, makes artistic objects and artistic books also writes about art to art magazines.
She also organizes cultural events as a member of ZPAP (society of artists).

I recommend Beata Pflanz as a promising, diligent and interesting artist.

With kind regards,

Andzrej Maciej Łubowski

President of ZPAP in Poznań


Beata Pflanz -
lives and works in Suchy Las near Poznań. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań - on Faculty of Painting (professor Tomasz Psuja) and Faculty of Drawing (professor Hanna Łuczak).
Pflanz – the artist of a great creative potential, opened into different kinds of artistic acting from traditional painting to video art. She is interested in oil painting, drawing, graphics, artistic objects, artistic books. Analytical character of her artworks is implicated with expression of means of expression. She differs her unhumble nature all the time looking for a new way of expression.
She is very opened, sometimes she is like a prism of the time she lives and creates. She simlpifies the shape and avoids figures finding simple resolutions strong in meaning. She uses color to achieve the goal of her thinking.
She presented her artworks during International Art Festival “Experiment” in 2008 and prepared individual exhibition in “Baszta” Gallery on November 2008.
Ireneusz Solarek
Art director of International Art Festival “Experiment” in Zbąszyń, Director of “Baszta” Gallery, Director of Cultural Centre in Zbąszyń, artist, Director of Theatre “S”.

Zbąszyń - 30. 05. 2009.

Swiecie, 31.05.2009


BEATA PFLANZ (POLAND) - visual artist

Beata Pflanz – an artist of visual arts, who feels at perfect ease with painting, drawing, spatial objects, installations and happening.
Beata's s creativity can not be classified or described in a single specific way, as her each newly created piece or cycle escapes any straightforward or easy evaluation.
In her art she breaks all rules and divisions between accepted concepts, trespasses boundaries and marks new paths.
A special attention should be paid to the PANGRAMS - unusual multiplications created by Beata, which are a unique phenomenon. A small-sized single painting first becomes an object, and then - repeated in a cycle of tens of times - a complex installation, occupying the surrounding space, where a single piece does not lose its power of effect, even if separated from the whole. Each piece is a painting of its own.
This artist of inexhaustible inner energy creates and acts relentlessly.
I truly recommend Beata Pflanz as a very interesting artist, with an immense creative potential and unusual personality.

Karina Dzieweczynska

Independent art curator, Art historian and critic
ACTUAL: Artistic project entitled „Awakening. The City of Swiecie – a New Look” –
I was the project’s initiator and curator.

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