Babski Spęd vol 2 - London

"Babski Spęd vol. 2″: LONDON: 11th May 2013

BABSKI SPĘD Vol 2 is a cultural and artistic event, which will take place on 11 May 2013 in London. It is organized by Babski Londyn, an informal organization of Polish women living in the UK. The first meeting last year brought together more than 200 women, and information about the event appeared in the British and Polish media.

Our event is unique. It promotes the achievements of the London and UK based artist. We aim to create a space in which women feel safe with their art and with each other. On the BABSKI SPĘD vol 2 we will also have the opportunity to exchange experiences and opinions.

The guests of the next edition of the event on May 11th will be invited to enjoy an exhibition of visual arts, a fashion show, poetry performances and a music concert.

Babski Spęd vol 2. ART Festival
date: 11th May 2013
start 12.00 pm
place: Mile End Art Pavilion
Mile End Park, Clinton Road
E3 4QY London, United Kingdom


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