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Colour and big format

The big and full of colours - the power of format and colour! viva the colour!

Date of creation: 2013-09-22
Photos: 21

Hundred Pieces of Reality

100 paintings - 30x30 cm each, one big cycle.

Date of creation: 2013-09-22
Photos: 101

In Labirynth in Between...

Big, solo exhibit of painting - Old Castle - Świecie, Poland.

Date of creation: 2013-05-22
Photos: 21

Mail Art - International Mail Art About Women

My artworks - Mail Art: Spain/Peru/Colombia and newest in Amsterdam 2013

Date of creation: 2013-05-22
Photos: 21

Between In Between

Schody Gallery, Nowy Świat 39 Warszawa, 10-23th May 2011
Solo exhibition of paintings - this exhibition was a part of Museum's Night.
Sometimes I find it hard to start. So many plots surge up within me and it is difficult to decide what I should start the story with.

When I create I sometimes try to make meanings overlap and the image all of a sudden becomes not only an image but also an object and an art book. My old sweaters, abandoned in an old wardrobe, acquire a new meaning when stretched on a loom. They may be “read" with one’s touch or else be watched like maps. Of history? The inner? The external? Creation?... A history, written down, winds on in a scroll that is at the same time a form of image; it transcends far and wide the standard two dimensions and annexes for itself the entire space rather than one wall.

Irrespective of the kind and form of my expression, I try to be honest. In order to be able to express what I feel and how I do what is important for me, I often take advantage of personal effects and do not shy away from intense colours. I use colours customarily associated with specific aspects of culture. Here, too, I tend to provoke a bit and "play" with meaning.

The form, colour and kind of material helps me formulate my artistic statement in a way that is equivocal in perception. I do my best to demonstrate and uncover the multiple dimensions and layers of my activity.

The human being is the most important for me in my work. While my work is purely abstract and definitely not figurative, it is man that takes pride of place in my oeuvre. However, I am more intrigued by his or her energy, forces that provide motivation for life and action, and all that is crucial in life and yet is hard to express in words. I am interested in premonitions, in what is happening and takes place and still is the extra-verbal part of our life, of our “here and now”. It is the in-between.

For me this is between in-between; it is the touch of wind when I whisper into an ear, the red of a flower, the alignment of the hands. It may be light or its absence, something I cannot even name and yet it exists but I cannot express it in words.

Therefore I use a brush or another form of expression and, without naming what I feel and see or whose existence I sense – I try to capture and harness this and send a message to the world that there is some between in-between. There is a form of interdependence, mutual communication, the attraction or sometimes repulsion of opposites. It is the perennial dialog of the dualistic form of human existence, the male-female shift; the colours, seemingly extremes of black and white, are identical from the point of view of physics. I wish I was able to "catch” and "capture" all that happens between the brush dipped in paint and a piece of canvas so that I could say how much it hurts and how much I suffer before I finish. How much of myself I “squeeze” onto the palette instead of paint to be able to convey what I feel and see, and what I cannot, am unable to or simply am afraid of naming: BETWEEN IN BETWEEN.

Date of creation: 2011-04-14
Photos: 31



Date of creation: 2011-01-24
Photos: 24


Szyperska Gallery - Gallery of Art, 2010, Poznań

Date of creation: 2011-01-24
Photos: 2

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